Sunday, 9 November 2008


So i've been away from the blog all week trying to get the first draft of my dissertation done and preparing for the after school club which happened yesterday but now i'm back and hopefully I'll get plenty of work done in the next couple of weeks to show you. I hope.
SO After School Club. Wow. First off thankyou to any of you who came, the turnout was pretty great for what was really an educational event on a saturday night. So thankyou, really, it was nice to see people and meet people (like Jen, who is a lovely illustrator who shares my love of bears and has a great blog too) and it was nice to hear that so many people were inspired to go out and do things. One of my flatmates (a history student) came out of it deciding that she wanted to be an illustrator which was awesome.
Secondly massive thanks go to all the artists involved. They were incredible. It was great to hear from people doing the things that we, as students, are hoping to do in a matter of months and to see their work. Above is a photo of Alex Ostrowski doing his talk which was really fun and happy-making but also incredibly useful (look at all those interested looking people), i dont know if we'd ever seen a real portfolio before and his was a super example ! Which is crazy. All of the other were amazing too. But rather than make this post crazy long I think i'll post on each of the artists involved throughout this week instead. Thats the plan.
So yeah. Thankyou. I feel really proud of it and thats completely down to all the other people involved. You're all awesome.
Back to regular blogging this week.

(p.s thanks to those people who got in touch about it too. If i had loads of money I'd take my merry band of designers and illustrators on the road to impart their wisdom to everyone but alas...)

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