Thursday, 13 November 2008

Nous Vous & Alex Ostrowski

Oops. So I completely forgot to post yesterday so today I have two talented types to talk about.
The first is the Nous Vous Collective; a design supergroup based in Leeds who have a habit of turning out really exciting work. I think their talk was intriguing to many students because of the whole collective thing (I guess we had no idea how that would work) and they definitely delivered. It was great to hear about the process behind their work and all the stuff they're trying to do. It seems like they're definitely for making design and illustration more social and collaborative and thats a good thing. Their website is down for reconstruction at the moment but I definitely suggest you follow the links to their individual work because there are so many nice things going on there.

Alex Ostrowski
is the nicest guy and his talk was a really positive insight insight into a working portfolio and starting out in Graphic Design. We all enjoyed leafing through his work and hearing about how he puts together projects and tries to get the most out of briefs. Alex is in the currently trying to work out what he wants from his career and I think it was reassuring for students to see that you dont need to have reached an absolute decision on what you want to do after college as long as you care about the work you make. The chance to nose through his books was awesome too. I will be forever jealous that I didnt come up with 'Note to Self'. Sigh.

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