Saturday, 29 November 2008

Edinburgh (and London to Brighton)

Today we walked round Edinburgh in the freezing cold (stopping for coffee and cake to refuel). I love Edinburgh in the cold and I feel sad that it is quite possible that this is the last year that I might live here. When the castle looks this nice it is completely futile to try not to be in love with this city. A few more photos on flickr.

I saw this on BBC4 last night. Its London To Brighton in four minutes. I'm quite fond of this journey as over the last couple of years I've done it a fair few times when going to see himself. Its lovely go watch.

This is. not. cool. kids. not cool at all. However I do feel glad that the illustration internet community will look out for each other in this way and try and stop these things happening. Go internet!


hellojenuine said...

i adore edinburgh. it's one of my top three cities.

i saw that gemma-correll-alikes flickr, before it was taken down, yesterday. can't believe that someone would be so bold in replicating work from other artists. ):

fiona said...

ahh i just had a look at the pics on your flickr, where is that mr purves shop?!? i have never seen it before... i feel like i should have :) Edinburgh is the best city.
also, the copy-cat girl, what an idiot! how can you put things on the internet that you've copied from people as well-known as gemma correll and camilla engman and not think people might notice!! fool.

design for mankind. said...

lizzy! thanks for letting me know about the "copy cat!" i do believe she's learned her lesson, and i love what the copy cat says on her blog.

regardless, THANKS for letting us all know about this! :)