Friday, 28 November 2008


(these are the things we keep on our fridge)

Oh my gosh I finally updated my website and deleted a couple of the old stuff clogging the place up. Go there and have a look. I also have some nice new custom screen prints (not gocco actual real screen prints) in my shop too!

Also something exciting is happening very soon that may well involve these wonderful folk.


hellojenuine said...

holy moly, you don't know how much i'd rather like to buy that bear via egp. how exciting!

E-bad said...

I love your blog and we used to have the multi legged totoro bus cat in our kitchen too! "We" meaning meaning "me" and no one minded when the dog ate it.

Lizzy Stewart said...

e-bad i dont think i'd mind if a dog ate ours either...its actually pretty ugly and nowhere near as awesome as the cat bus in the film. oh well.