Monday, 10 November 2008

Jez Burrows

OK so the first of my posts on the folk that took part in the After School Club this weekend. I'm going to go alphabetically so it all starts with Jez Burrows. Jez's talk followed his work from Uni to now and explained how the things he did at Uni have led to exciting things now that he's freelancing. He also had good things to say about the importance of artists having websites (how annoying is it when you see something exciting at a degree show and you cant follow it up?) and self promotion ideas. He was great (I'm biased) and were I not quite so well acquainted with Jez and his work it would have been the perfect introduction to professional life, BUT as I live with him and have been watching his work for a few years now it was more a chance for me to feel super proud of him. Yay. Jez has just released the second run of the Destroyer prints he did for his degree show...they're on pre-order right now and going fast so i suggest you get on it promptly.

p.s Jez Burrows was robbed

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hellojenuine said...

an excellent talk indeed, & a great example of how work can lead to other exciting things. also, tell him he's too modest a man, his work is brilliant.

& i concur regarding the importance of websites, or at least some sort of web-presence. a definite must for any artist trying to establish themselves.