Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Stuart Kolakovic and Little Bighorn

Next up on the rostrum of totally amazing people who took part in the After School Club is Stuart Kolakovic. Stu's talk was an excellent lesson in professional practice and treating illustration as a job rather than something that defines who you are (I know that I am prone to romanticising the whole thing in a way that guarantees i'll never get paid for my work). Alongside lots of useful insight (I think everyone enjoyed his views on the AOI and YCN) it was also a chance to see a tonne of his awesome work. Which was a treat. Because yeah...awesome. I am now the proud owned of one the above screenprints which was exchanged for all sorts of printed rubbish from me and the most poorly constructed zine ever.

In other news I'm aiming to be super constructive this week (so far its not going so bad and I'm kind of enjoying it...though I did pass out on the sofa when I got in from college...I dont think I'd quite recovered from the weekend). With any luck I'll be able to post a BRAND NEW drawing everyday this week. Today is a little painting of the battle of little big horn...to be honest I was probably a little over enthusiastic with the lines that represent the american indians.

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